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Management Courses

College SA has a wide range of management courses for every career orientation. Whether you want to manage events, finances, business projects or start your own business, you will be sure to find a course at College SA that suits your needs.

With a qualification in management you will be able to enter any industry and apply for a job because all businesses need people who can manage their resources, proceedings, events, finances and other projects. While general management courses will teach you everything you need to know about managing any business other courses such as events management will have modules that are specifically targeted toward working in that industry.

Their latest management courses have been accredited by the Services SETA and offer certificates in General Management, Administration Management and Project Management. These courses are great for anyone who wants to enter management in a broad range of industries.

College SA has been accredited by FASSET to provide financial management courses and by other institutions to offer international qualifications in financial management. If you want to manage the financial departments of a business then a management courses that is focussed on finances is the right choice. Click here for the list of courses.

There are also other business management courses available from College SA. These are their Human Resource Management and Marketing Management courses. The courses are designed for individuals who want to work in the marketing or human resource departments of a company and need a qualification that is focused on the specific requirements for those fields.

Finally, they also offer management courses for those who do not necessarily want to work in the corporate environment but still want business skills. If you want to start your own event management business or form part of a department or group responsible for organising business events then one of College SA’s Event Management courses will be perfect for you.

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