Supply Chain and Logistics Management Courses

Supply Chain Managers plays an important role in the success of a business. They are involved in in almost all facets of a business. They help with planning, purchasing, production, transportation, storage & distribution, customer service and more. In fact, these managers are responsible for keeping the different parts of the business connected with one another. Good supply chain management can help the business control expenses, boost sales, and maximize profits.

The Course:


Course Structure

  • Organisational Skills
  • Supply and Logistics Management 1
  • Financial Management Basics
  • Project Management Basics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply and Logistics Management 2

Assessment and Award

Once you have successfully completed the assignments prescribed by College SA, you will be awarded a College SA Proficiency Certificate: Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Combo Courses

If you would like to empower yourself even more, you can enroll for one of our Bookkeeping or Pastel courses. These courses can equip you with vital skills to manage finances from end to end. Your CV will stand out from the rest with a higher-level qualification.

Who should register for this course?

If you would like to work in various touch points of a business and also help other business functions execute their strategies, you should register for the Supply Chain & Logistics Management course. Supply chain managers can also be requested to analyze and support the needs of external supply chain partners.


Here are a few examples of these cross-functional roles:

  • Effective selection and management of suppliers support lean manufacturing processes.
  • Efficient transportation & distribution practices bolster marketing campaigns.
  • Timely customer communication and technology-enabled visibility allows companies to monitor product flows and collaborative respond to potential delivery problems.